Aleph LineLamp Set
Aleph Line is a series of lighting elements developed with a particular inspiration: renowned Argentine writer, Jorge Luis Borges. This series of lamps features an innovative system of light diffusion that resembles that of the "Aleph" protagonist, where the user, like the protagonist of the novel, can customize not only the lamp but also control the amount of light it emits.
From concept to product
Just as "The Aleph" allowed its protagonist to see the entire universe in a single point, the Aleph Line lamps allow you to control and customize your lighting experience by controlling the amount of light that comes out of these different points, bringing Borges' visionary tale to life.
Sleek and modern
Playing with the different themes that are developed then by Borges such as infinity and interconnectedness, these lamps capture the essence of the author’s visionary imagination and offer a unique and personalized way to bring his work into your home.
Design and development by Baggo.