CM 16|AR Helmet
CM 16 is an AR smart helmet for industrial drone command designed for INVAP, specifically for their RUAS 160 drone. The embedded augmented reality system allows drone pilots to have an augmented information display of the drone through the AR window, while also containing audio speakers and microphone for an integrated wireless communication experience.
A new kind of controller
Born from innovative necessity, the CM 16 AR smart helmet evolved to meet the dynamic demands of industrial drone command, specifically for the RUAS160 drone. It all began with a spark – the realization of a need for an elevated drone interface. With expanding drone capabilities came a hunger for an intuitive, tailored solution, enhancing pilots' skills and communication.
New Interactions
At its core, the CM 16 is more than just a helmet; it's a gateway to a new era of drone interaction. The embedded augmented reality system empowers pilots with a real-time overlay of critical drone data. This brings a new dimension of safety, comfort, and technological advancement to the pilots.
Unlimited uses
Yet, the CM 16's story doesn't end with innovation; it extends to compatibility. While painstakingly tailored for the RUAS 160 drone, its design essence harmonizes with a wide array of drones, casting its influence beyond the boundaries of this single model. As the AR helmet encases a pilot's head, it encapsulates a vision – a vision of limitless skies and unparalleled connectivity.
Designed by Baggo. Ideation and development in conjunction with INVAP and the Faculty of Architecture, Design, and Urbanism, UBA.