Smoothie BarRetail and Concept
The smoothie bar project was based on the creation of an advanced smoothie machine and an elegant in-store smoothie bar tailored for retail points showcasing the plant-based protein powder and shakes of our client. This endeavor responds to the evolving landscape of nutrition, offering a seamless and health-conscious experience.
All about ease
The smoothie bar project is based on simplicity. For the Smoothie Machine, you can simply pop in a specially designed capsule, each filled with a unique mix of flavors and nutrition, and select the desired consistency. The incorporated touch-screen and custom UI make the journey as seamless and intuitive as possible. Our in-store smoothie bar follows the same idea, offering a range of smoothie ingredients for customers to choose from, ensuring a consistently tasty and nutritious experience, with additional blenders for the ones that prefer a more traditional experience.
Nutrition made accesible
Ultimately, this project is born from a commitment to making healthy choices easier and more accessible to a more broad public.
Designed by Baggo for a Private client. Italy - 2023.