TutofuSmart Kitchen Appliance
Tutofu is a bespoke kitchen robot, specifically designed for the production of tofu. The innovative heating and compression system allows the user to completely automate an otherwise tiresome activity by completing every step needed for the production of tofu, while also allowing the product to be used as a smart kitchen robot to cook almost any other meal.
The new vegetarian protein
The project was sparked by the absence of a comprehensive domestic tofu-making solution, a nutritious food that is a great protein source for those with a vegan or vegetarian diet, a market that has been growing nonstop for the past years. Simultaneously, we tackled the financial implications posed by store-bought tofu, especially burdensome for those seeking an efficient home alternative. Our empirical exploration unveiled key facets of consistent tofu production, including soybean processing, controlled cooking temperature, and the interplay of filtration and compression, resulting in the final tofu block.
Comprehensive machinery
The resulting heart of Tutofu stands as an intricate convergence of mechanical elements that incorporate all of the necessary processes to make Tofu, and most other meals, creating a cutting-edge innovation appliance. Keeping in mind functional design as the main guide, it incorporates a high-speed motor for blending, a stepper motor with a ball screw travel system for compression and filtration, and an electric resistance for heating and cooking.
Innovation at the heart
Tutofu has been designed for every person who wants to incorporate more vegetable protein into their diet, a market that has been on an ongoing growth for the past few years, creating a new kind of at home cooking experience where technology and tradition intertwine to craft tofu in an unique and innovative way.
Tutofu has been designed and developed by Baggo and Industrial Designers Juan Cruz Mourelle, Tomas de Ibarreta, Pilar Martinez Mietta, Lucila Altamirano, and Juan Carenzo.