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architecture and landscape

We sculpt comprehensive landscape and architectural designs for both private residences and commercial projects. Our focus is on creating sustainable, engaging outdoor spaces and structures that promote communal interaction and personal sanctuary. Tailoring unique solutions, we aim to construct environments that serve as a refuge and inspire innovation in the public and private sectors.

tiny house - OKTOPRO

We help developing: 
 landscape masterplans

galpón - Argentina

industrial design
We develop cutting-edge industrial design solutions, focusing on innovation and user experience for both consumer products and specialized equipment. Our approach blends functionality with aesthetics, creating durable and efficient designs tailored to enhance everyday life and operational productivity. We specialize in transforming concepts into tangible, market-ready products, ensuring they meet the highest standards of sustainability and ergonomic design.

CM 16 AR Helmet - INVAP

We help developing: 

Dunas Luggage - USA